How does Eurobesity contribute something extra ?

Every day new obesity treatments are reported in the media. Unfortunately, disappointment and a waste of money are too often present. Commonsense gives way to too much excess (extreme diets, increasingly more mutilating surgery)

Eurobesity guarantees no miracles, but we are committed to offering the solution best suited to your obesity and providing everything necessary for your success.

Our approach is revolutionary

  • Need for objective and understandable information before any decision regarding surgery is made:

    We canít overstress the importance of the patient being clearly and fully informed about the pros and cons of weight loss surgery before such a course of action is proposed to them. Surgery is not a miracle solution. At the very most, it is designed help the patient adhere better to a nutritional plan. Therefore, within well-defined indications, Eurobesity offers the placement of a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band and excludes all other mutilating procedures for ever.

  • Dieting within a context of psychological and metabolic well-being:

    For decades, you have been a slave to increasingly difficult, sometimes crazy, diets. Why not reverse the problem?

    Snacking in front of the TV in the evening or bingeing on food when you are feeling low allows you to maintain some psychological balance. It helps, it calms you and it alleviates your inner tension but, unfortunately, it makes you gain weight. These types of behaviour are deeply rooted in our personalities. Experience shows that it is almost impossible to change without suffering from severe depression.

    Eurobesity is putting together a line of food products with very few or even no calories that will still retain the initial flavours. This will allow snacking and a few bingeing episodes so that the patient’s metabolic equilibrium and, most of all, psychological equilibrium are maintained. That way, some patients will not be seduced by the "magical" aspect of mutilating surgery.
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