Eurobesity provides a full spectrum of healthcare professionals who have got together to help and guide you better in treating your problem of excess weight.
Together, working with this whole team, it must be possible for you to hold this enemy at bay – a foe that you have probably already tried to beat in the past...
The various “players” involved will go through the options open to you, one by one. Then it’s up to you to choose which path you would prefer to take.

The role of the general practitioner (GP) can be summed up in a few key words:

  1. Screening and awareness
  2. Motivating the patient
  3. Guidance
  4. Long-term close monitoring

What your GP is able to do is help you to see the problem of excess weight not only in terms of how you look, but above all to view it as a real risk to your health.
As GPs, we devote a great deal of effort every day in preventing cancer and ensuring its early detection. It goes without saying that this is very important and valuable for public health.
However, we need to realise above all else that the greatest threat to our health in the western world is cardiovascular disease (hypertension, thrombosis, embolism, heart attack, etc.) – much more than cancer!

So, detection and accepting the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases is of the utmost importance if we are to make a significant reduction in the number of heart attacks, thromboses, etc.

Among these risk factors, there are some that we can’t do much about; but most of them can be controlled and corrected if required.

These factors are:

  • gender (males are more at risk than females before the menopause)
    family history (other family members who have had heart attacks, embolisms, etc.)
  • own history (already had cardiovascular problems in the past?)
  • smokers
  • blood-sugar level on an empty stomach
  • sedentary lifestyle and lack or regular exercise
  • cholesterol level (total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol ( = “good” cholesterol )
  • blood pressure (maximum 135/85)
  • dietary habits (fat, sugar, fruits, vegetables, etc.)
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) and waist measurement

There is no way we can have any effect on the first three of these factors. But the seven others, on the other hand, are entirely up to you.

Do you know what your own risk factors are? What is your cardiovascular profile?
You may in danger!

Your GP can help take stock of your situation with you.

When people are overweight there are often a number of risk factors present, apart from the way they look. This means that their health under a far greater threat.

We know from recent studies that out of all the risks identified, there are three areas that are way ahead of the others:

  • the level of HDL cholesterol (called “good” cholesterol)
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • waist measurement

Point 1 can vary a great deal when a person is overweight; by contrast, 2 and 3 always come into play with weight problems. Your GP can help you to calculate these elements and guide you further along the path to finding solutions to your problem.

But first and foremost, you have to understand and be convinced of your problem and the health risks you are running. This is essential if you are to have the motivation you need to act and take steps to solve the problem. You have probably already tried dozens of diets and other methods to reduce your weight. Unfortunately, chances are every single one has failed… And that inevitably leads to a lack of motivation and discouragement. You may even feel like giving up on making other attempts.

Your GP can help and guide you, as well as monitor your progress through the low moments involved in accepting you are overweight.
There are no miracle cures! But we can promise you motivation, follow-up and guidance – in addition to moral support.

Thanks to a range of foods that are specially geared to your particular weight situation, we will see to it that you actually come to enjoy “diets”! Unhoped-for results are often achieved and sometimes minor miracles can occur, too!

The problem is a complex one, with many factors and the same goes for accepting you have to do something about it. Which is why as a team of specialists we have decided to focus our efforts on a multi-disciplinary approach and to work together to establish the best possible scenario for you to take in your specific and individual case.

By working together, you can succeed where other efforts have failed in the past. Welcome to your new life!

Dr. Hugo De Smet
Responsible for
“Network of General Practitioners”


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