“Eurobesity” Charter


Eurobesity is a multidisciplinary network that offers overweight care services. It is composed of a team of medical and paramedical practitioners who will coordinate their skills to optimize the development, treatment and long-term maintenance of weight loss results.

Eurobesity is based on a charter with the following characteristics:

Respect for the patient

Eurobesity makes it a point of honor to guarantee that all patients are warmly greeted. Too many patients are not listened to. Sometimes they are even looked down on or mocked, and they leave the consultation with the usual “just have willpower!” We are aware of how hard it is for an overweight patient to go and see a doctor or, even worse, visit a hospital to discuss his or her problem, gather information or ask for help. Within the Eurobesity network, priority will be given to listening attentively to the patient. Accessible information and increased availability will also be offered in order to immediately make the patient comfortable and thus facilitate his or her treatment and collaboration in the treatment process.

Multidisciplinary approach:

Obesity is a multifactorial health problem. Therefore it makes sense to get down to working on its different aspects rather than focusing on only one of them. A “one-off” dietary regimen or a surgical procedure aimed at losing weight are unlikely to be successful in the long run if there are no dietary follow-up or psychological supervision.
Eurobesity’s first mission is to target the ideal treatment for each patient no matter how overweight he or she is. Therefore, potential patients will need to be given directions in order to enter the Eurobesity network through the door that works best for them. A diabetic patient will first be examined by an endocrinologist to have his disease treated and, afterwards, will be redirected towards dietetics or surgery.
A patient with a long history of morbid obesity and for whom all appropriate medical therapeutics have recurrently failed will be preferentially directed towards surgery.  This system enables patients to quickly find the shortest way to being cured and spares them a number of unnecessary and costly examinations and consultations.

Information for the patient

Delivering neutral, comprehensive, and accessible information is one of the Eurobesity network’s main goals. A successful treatment of overweight will depend on the close collaboration between the patient and the medical team. For this reason, patients must be comprehensively informed about the structure of their personal programs in order to agree to a treatment plan. A lot of efforts will be made to organize information workshops for all interested individuals. The idea is to help individuals get over their reluctance and the difficulties there are in consulting a doctor. Clear and easy-to-understand presentations will be given to everyone in order to objectively answer all the questions potential patients are entitled to have.
The purpose is to start an interactive debate between the medical team and the future patient and, thereby, break down barriers between the medical world and the patient. Some participants will come and talk about their personal weight-loss experiences. They will specifically focus on the practical aspect of each treatment, the daily difficulties, and will offer some tips to keep going.

Interactive medical records exchange

Each patient under the Eurobesity network’s supervision will be given a follow-up diary that will be used to collect all his or her personal medical records. This diary will stay with the patient and will be used to track progress as time goes by. The computerized version of this diary will be accessible to all of the Eurobesity contributors who are in charge of the patient’s care through a secured Internet service. This system will guarantee the transparency of medical records and will spare the patient additional examinations and unnecessary consultations.

Multiple accesses to the various Eurobesity facilities

Eurobesity is for all overweight individuals, no matter how much excess weight they carry or what health repercussions they suffer from. Helping a perfectly healthy patient who has given up hope of losing those frustrating extra pounds is as important as helping a patient suffering from morbid obesity, diabetes or asthma and for whom surgery seems inevitable. Not a single complaint will be played down but each will have to be considered by the best-adapted Eurobesity practitioner. In order to avoid unnecessary consultations, the patient will be offered to fill out a questionnaire on the Eurobesity website. The results of the questionnaire will help the patient decide whether to turn to the nutritionist, the endocrinologist or the surgeon. This questionnaire is obviously for information only and is not aimed at making a selection.

Treatment homogeneity and coordination of the various medical actors

The Eurobesity members’ first and foremost concern is to agree on a common line of treatment. Homogeneity can only be obtained through numerous and repeated meetings aimed at discussing, coordinating and optimizing the various therapeutic strategies. Eurobesity offers a comprehensive treatment plan approved by all Eurobesity contributors. The guidelines of this plan will have to be scrupulously respected.

Larger therapeutic group

Eurobesity wishes to offer each and every one a comprehensive treatment including nutritional support, bariatric surgery, psychological support and endocrinologic screening. Patients will also have the opportunity to consult esthetic medicine specialists as well as plastic and reconstructive surgeons. The purpose is neither to neglect nor play down any aspect of the overweight treatment.

 Each practitioner’s role within Eurobesity

As a multidisciplinary network, Eurobesity is made up of nutritionists, dietitians, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, obesity surgeons, psychologists, esthetic medicine specialists and plastic surgeons.  Preponderance is given to general practitioners. Because general practitioners are close to their patients and know them well overall, they are indeed the Eurobesity network’s main foundation.
They have several functions:

  • Through their knowledge, they must inform the patient in order to direct him or her towards the appropriate treatment quickly and efficiently.
  • They must handle the interactions of a suggested treatment with the patient’s family and work environment.
  • They must be in charge of controlling and maintaining the patient’s treatment results in the long run.


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